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White Springbok

About Us

The Rare Game Experience is the proud brainchild of The Beekman Group.

White Kudu staring down the camera lens
Proudly Beekman Group

History of The Rare Game Experience

Rodney and JJ Mitchell have been working with and raising much of our Rare Game animals at Thulani Game Lodge for a collective 24 years. Though it was on a business trip to the lodge in March 2021 that Wayne and Neville Beekman of the Beekman Group first came into contact with these incredible creatures and began the conversation with the Mitchells to house them at The Kingdom Resort for the public to enjoy.

Rare Game's Epic Journey

Once the partnership was agreed between Thulani Game Lodge and the animals' prospective new home, the men and women at Kingdom Resort immediately got busy, rehabilitating over 61 hectares of previously unused space on the property making sure that it was the ideal environment for our new tenants to thrive in.

Game vehicle in the bush with sunset in background

Once the team was assured that every security standard had been met and implemented, the animals were safely sedated and carefully transported the 90 kilometres to The Kingdom Resort.

While it's completely normal for large game to require adjustment periods when moving to new environments, we carefully monitored each individual animal's habituation process and were pleased to observe that they adjusted to their new, bigger homes exceptionally well, and with minimal stress. They seem to love it there just as much as we love having them.

Only if we understand, will we care.

Only if we care, will we help.

Only if we help, shall all be saved.

Conservation information

The extraordinary Rare Game at our facilities come about as either a result of a naturally recessive gene or selective breeding.

Two black impalas walking together with their backs to the camera

However, many of them are at significant risk in unregulated habitats due to their tendency to stand out from their herd and surroundings.

The White Impala, for example, whose population quantity is unknown, will seldom live to full maturity in a habitat where blending in is a lifesaving advantage. Conversely, other species may excel as effectively as their counterparts, though will fail to reproduce offspring with their unique genetic qualities once paired with a partner bearing the more common, dominant genotype.

It's for these reasons that we leapt at the opportunity to get involved. We are thrilled and at the same time proud to:

Create awareness among the general public that such wonderfully rare animals exist.

Provide an environment secure from predators, where creatures who would otherwise have been disproportionately targeted, can live to full maturity.

Provide an environment secure from ruthless poachers.

Safely and ethically monitor the breeding of future generations of rare game for our children and their children to marvel at.

The front of the Beekman Group's Head Office located in Port Shepstone
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The Beekman Group

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